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Give yourself the power of a fresh start

There are no do overs in life, it's said. Sure, you cannot undo certain things in life. Yet, life gives us ample opportunities to start afresh. They come in the form of 'fresh starts'.

Katy Milkman talks about it in her book, 'How to Change'. She says they're new beginnings that offer a kind of psychological do-over.

Have you started or stopped something as part of your New Year resolution, worked with resolve to change something on or after your birthday, or done something differently (like adopting practices that you always wanted to) after you got a promotion or started a new job?

If yes, you've leveraged the power of fresh starts.

So, what's commonly considered as fresh starts?

Milkman says, "Fresh starts can be calendar dates that mark new beginnings (a new year, season, month, or week), birthdays, or anniversaries. They can also be triggered by meaningful life events, such as a health scare or a move to a new town. And finally, resets—when the metrics you’re using to track your performance are set back to zero…"

For myself, I've added festivals to this list.

While everyday is the right day to do a good thing, if you've been waiting for a long time to start something good, use the power of fresh starts to your advantage and get started.

Check out this article ( to know more about how you can start and sustain the habits you want using Tiny Habits. Fresh starts and Tiny Habits are a great combination.

What habits have you begun / do you want to begin by taking advantage of fresh starts?


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