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Unlocking your potential: Tiny Habits, advice, and personal growth

From once considering myself beyond redemption due to my struggles with procrastination, perfectionism, and a propensity for weight gain, I have made significant progress in managing these challenges. Tiny Habits was instrumental in bringing about this change. Looking back, I'd probably not be able to discern the importance of habits were it not for Amit B Joshi who recommended Charles Duhigg's book, 'The Power of Habit' to me. And I'd not be able to make lasting positive changes were it not for Sukumar Rajagopal from whom I got to know about Tiny Habits. Many a times, our lives take an upward trajectory because of others. I think there are 3 parts to this: ▶ Being in the company of people who give you good advice when you need it. Or knowing people who will share their knowledge with you. The latter has become relatively easier because of social media. ▶ Your readiness to take the advice or learn more ▶ Your willingness to put the advice / knowledge to practice As Johann wolfgang von Goethe said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” Who has helped you make progress?

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