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Navigating the gap between inspiration and sustainable habits

You listened to a great TED Talk, read an inspiring book / article, or watched a motivational video. You’re inspired to start practicing everything that was advocated. You start, you persevere and you succeed 😁! Sadly, that's not the way things unfold in real life 😐. The reality is that when you start big, you will go only so far as your motivation lasts. Which is not too far because motivation isn't constant; it wavers, wanes, and may rise back as well. This cycle continues. Instead, when you want to start new behaviors: 1) Find an already existing routine that you can piggy back on - use that as the anchor which will remind you to do your new desired behavior 2) Scale down the new behavior - make it small and easy 3) Celebrate - do something that makes you feel truly positive from within You can scale up when you feel you're ready. Which habit have you been thinking of starting?

Image: Nirut Sangkeaw @ Canva


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