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Health is the true wealth

Work is worship. I took this saying very seriously at the start of my career.

Other than a brief phone call to my husband during lunch time, I involved myself only in professional matters while at work.

Over a period of time, I found this belief and practice to be very restricting. So I gave myself some wiggle room.

Yet, work always took precedence over anyone and anything else in my life. If I committed to something - I ensured that I saw it through, no matter what; a la Indian actor Salman Khan, "ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, toh phir main khudki bhi nahi sunta" ("Once I commit, then I don’t even listen to myself").

More than a decade ago, I was hosting an event and I got a message that my husband was in an accident. Living up to my work commitment was so important for me that I left for the hospital only after the event wrapped up.

I've come a long way from those days. I'm now able to draw boundaries, I look at work as only a part of the many things I do in life and the various roles I have in life. Work alone doesn't define or describe me.

Over the many years that it took me to get to this stage, one thing I neglected consistently was my health. So much so that it escalated to a point that I got diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. 1 of the symptoms of a Meniere's attack is dizziness. During the initial days, I couldn't predict if I’d be able to walk without wavering the next day. There were days and weeks on end when I'd wake up feeling dizzy.

Mornings signify new beginnings, fresh starts, another opportunity. During this time, for me, mornings were a repeat of the previous day - filled with dizziness, disappointment, and despair.

It was during this time I realized that nothing in the world is as valuable as your own health. If you have good health, you can build relationships, you can work and earn, be of service to others, achieve your goals, and you do all the things that bring you joy. In the absence of good health, there are limits on how much you can pursue any of these.

And so, I've taken it upon myself to spread this awareness with others. With the hope that you can learn from my mistakes and TAKE CARE OF THE ONE THING ON WHICH EVERYTHING ELSE DEPENDS - YOUR HEALTH.

A cure for Meniere's is yet to be discovered, however I'm able to manage it for the most part through care (habits for well-being). Prayer has helped a great deal too.

Here's a Tiny Habits Recipe for you:

After I put my plate / lunchbox away, I will walk for 2 minutes.

Been intending to focus on your health much more and haven't been able to?

Join my online course Uplift Your Well-being with Tiny Habits and create 3 habits for your good health and happiness.

Find out more about the course and sign up here:


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