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The power of starting small: How to build lasting habits

A common mistake many people make while trying to create habits is starting big. I've been there too. For the longest time, my exercise habit didn't stick cos I started out big. I began by walking or exercising at the gym for an hour. I was consistent for about 3 days or so. Then aches and pains set in or life took over and I didn't find the motivation or the time to continue. In contrast, when I started by doing just 2 surya namaskars, the exercise habit that I'd struggled to create, took root and has thrived. Often the 'All or nothing' mentality or the 'Go big or go home' mentality comes in the way and stops us from either getting started or being consistent. Starting small is the best bet that will help you stick with and eventually grow any habit you desire. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." rings so true. Here's a Tiny Habits Recipe I followed to create a habit of reading: After I finish lunch, I will read 2 pages of a book.

Image: Room_76_Photography @ Canva


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