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Start big; fizzle out, Start small; scale up

My first tryst with nonfiction books was in college. The guy whom I had a big crush on recommended reading 'The Monk who Sold His Ferrari'. I'll be lying if I didn't mention that I bought and read the book to impress him.

I must also add that the book did help me. I followed many of the practices that Robin Sharma recommended. My life changed! For 7 days.

Then reality struck and I got back to my old ways.

This is what happens when you try to make too many changes at once or have an all or nothing mindset. You may end up starting big and may even be able to sustain the change(s) for a while. In the long term though, you'll veer off course because your motivation will waver (read drop as compared to what it was when you started) and you'll be tempted to give up.

Now, in no way am I implying that The Monk who Sold His Ferrari is not a good book.

Far from it. The book is fabulous. It was my choice to go all out and make too many big changes at once which didn't work.

When you want to bring positive changes in your life, start small. This will help you sustain those changes in the long run.

Tiny is mighty.

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