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Protect your finances from scammers

Curiosity, gullibility, and the lure of making a quick buck - these are what scammers exploit when spreading their nets.

Of late, I've seen an increase in WhatsApp messages asking for my time to discuss 'business propositions' or to make money by completing some tasks on social media. Initially, it was only WhatsApp messages, now they've graduated to missed video calls on WhatsApp. They initiate a video call, but disconnect it after a single ring.

2 techies from Pune, India were scammed of 54 lakh INR (more than $60,000) because they responded and engaged with such a message*.

Earlier, it seemed that most of the phone numbers were from Africa. Now, it looks like these scammers are spread across geos - I received one such message from the Philippines and one yesterday from a US number.

Don't let your curiosity get the better of you if you get such messages or calls. DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM. Just block them immediately, the option is available on WhatsApp itself.

Related Tiny Habits Recipes: After I see a missed WhatsApp video call from an unknown international number, I will block / report the number.

After I read a WhatsApp message offering money for completion of online tasks, I will block / report the number.


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