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Laugh at yourself - It is liberating

I've done some amusing things in life, many of them unintentionally.

Once when I had to attend an online certification, I miscalculated the time which was set per EST. (This happened many years prior to the pandemic; much before Zoom and virtual meetings became the norm.) I thought I'd joined the session way ahead of time whereas I was actually late. I could see many people logged in but it was absolutely quiet.

So, I took it upon myself to break the silence. I introduced myself in the chat and typed that I'm excited to be part of the session and couldn't wait for it to start. That's when the producer / host sent me a direct message stating that the session had started and that everyone was working on an exercise independently :I

Oops - how embarrassing! I felt like Bridget Jones who turned up in a bunny outfit when everyone else was in their formal best.

It took me a few minutes to deal with what had happened and get myself to focus. The class went on well from there.

One thing I remember from later that day is that I laughed really hard while thinking about the incident.

And that's what we need to do at times - cut ourselves some slack and stop taking ourselves too seriously all the time.

There's wisdom in this saying, "Learn to laugh at yourself; you will never run out of things to laugh at".


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